PT. Adimulya Coldtech Indonesia

A company that was founded in 2020 in Tangerang City, Banten.

Engaged in Sandwich Panel and Refrigeration Machines.

Almost all industries need our expertise, from manufacturing, fisheries, agriculture, meat imports, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, malls, office buildings and so on.

We are committed as professionals to be able to help and provide satisfaction services to consumers which is our top priority.

Finally, we thank you.

The following are the businesses of PT Adimulya Coldtech Indonesia:

  • Sandwich Panel Fabrication:
    • The insulation panel manufacturing process uses good quality sheet metal and polyurethane or polystyrene which provides a high level of thermal insulation.
  • Refrigeration Engine Assembly & Installation :
    • The process of assembling the engine with superior components and the process of installing the cooling engine unit by a competent workforce.
  • Maintenance:
    • Maintenance is carried out by skilled and experienced workers.

We can help your needs starting from

  • Engineering
  • Procurament
  • Contracting
  • Application
  • Products
  • Installation
  • Services & Maintenance

Ready to help and serve throughout Indonesia.


“To be the best provide and partner with superior and quality in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Indonesia”


  • Help customers to meet the needs in the field of optimal cooling room and productivity by providing superior components.
  • Realize the latest technology in the field of refrigeration
  • Provide solutions and satisfaction to the client
  • Become a reliable and trusted partner

Do you want Consultation, Installation, or need a Refrigeration Machine?